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Everything Eevee, from images to plushies to Pokemon cards, and more! I also sometimes just post random Pokemon stuff that I like. This blog is a safe space for me to post my videos, my Eevee card collection, and everything I like about Pokemon! Feel free to chat with me, I'm always looking for friends!

A note about this one: Slynk has a CRAZY poker face, and never gets excited about any cards until after the video, so when he makes the really amazing pull this video, I had to try really hard not to react in the background. You can kind of see me grab at the card (to sleeve it and ooh and ahh over it) but we didn’t get really excited about it until after the camera was turned off. (I personally love to get excited on camera, but I try to let Slynk have his own videos and not get in the way.)

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